Ideas For Practicing Math Facts Effectively – Primary Grades

By | September 23, 2014

For some students, math is difficult.  For many students, math has become more difficult as local schools are transitioning to Common Core that emphasizes critical thinking and problem solving.  Though our focus is to complement your child’s school curriculum, we help students memorize math facts when appropriate.  Below are some strategies parents can do at home to help their child with math facts so that we can focus on the more difficult word and math problems.

Provide students with manipulatives to “show” addition or subtraction fact.  Make this simple.  Manipulatives can be pieces of cut foam, paper, or magnets.

math manipulatives foam math manipulatives magnet

Then write it in a number sentence on a card (e.g., 3 + 5 = ) and practice a few of these facts per week, starting from the most simple to the most difficult.

math manipulatives train

Take a one-minute time test each week on the facts the students have practiced.  Check with student to see improvement each week.

Show students “patterns” in addition and subtraction facts (e.g., ones, zeros, multiples, nines).

Provide a time test of all addition facts, then all subtraction facts, to be timed for 3 minutes, once a week.  Then check with student to see improvement and graph on a chart to show visual improvement.