Tidbits For Parents – Holiday Math

By | December 9, 2015

Did you ever think that Math could be incorporated into your holiday fun?  Try some of these ideas and see how your child relates to math in a new and enjoyable way.

If you decorate with lights, measure how many strands of lights go around your tree, or across your house.  Measure in feet, then convert to yards.

If you light candles, measure how far the candles burn down each night and how long it takes them to burn.  Do all the candles burn at the same speed?

For younger children, you can practice counting by counting how many ornaments you have to decorate your tree or how many decorations you have in your house.

Then there is my personal favorite for using math during the holidays – BAKING!!!  In addition to measuring the ingredients correctly, you can double your recipe and practice fractions at the same time.  What is double ¼ teaspoon baking powder?  It might take your child some thought to answer that question.  You can also practice multiplication facts when putting your cookie dough on the baking sheets.  Four cookies across times five cookies down makes 20 cookies per sheet.  If you bake 3 sheets, how many dozen cookies do you have?  Try different arrays on each baking sheet to practice different math facts.

When you are finished baking, what better way to reward yourself and your child for a “math” job well done than to light a fire, make some hot cocoa and eat some cookies relaxing in front of the fire?


this Holiday Season!!


December 2015

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