Awards and Recognition

2013 Glenview Art League Youth Art Fair The following are the winners from our art program:
  • Emily A .....  1st grade, 2nd place
  • Alissa S ....  1st grade, 3rd place
  • Kevyn K..... 2nd grade, 2nd place
  • Ariana R ..... 2nd grade, 3rd place
  • Jacob E ... 3rd grade, 3rd place
  • Emily S... 4th grade, 3rd place
  • Hannah K ... 5th grade, 3rd place
  • Jenna L .... 6th grade, 1st place
Thanks to all the participants for the effort they put into their art work.  They are all winners!
NSYMCA Junior Art Show 2012
  • Yeji A., 3rd Place
  • Matthew K., 1st Place
2012 Glenview Art League
  • Grace S.
  • Nikhil R.