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Tidbits For Parents – Celebrate Earth Day

TIDBITS FOR PARENTS Celebrate EARTH DAY Every Day! Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd and events will be held worldwide to celebrate. WHY? Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 to demonstrate for environmental reform.  At that time, most people did not concern themselves with taking care of the earth or trying to… Read More »

Tidbits for Parents – Unplug This Winter

We all know how important technology is to us these days. It keeps us connected with family as well as the global community. It gives us easy access to information, and helps us do our jobs more efficiently. But did you know some of the side effects of extensive use of technology? Researchers are finding… Read More »

Tidbits For Parents – Holiday Math

Did you ever think that Math could be incorporated into your holiday fun?  Try some of these ideas and see how your child relates to math in a new and enjoyable way. If you decorate with lights, measure how many strands of lights go around your tree, or across your house.  Measure in feet, then… Read More »

Tidbits For Parents – Fall Into Science

Fall is such a beautiful time of year with the air getting crisper and the leaves changing so many vibrant colors.  Have your children ever asked you, “Why do the leaves turn colors?”  What a perfect time to inject a little Science into your child’s life by answering that question! First, your child should know… Read More »

Tidbits for parents – On The Road With Reading

We all know how reading books can take us to places we’ve never been, but have you ever thought of going to places you’ve read about in books?  That is where some of our favorite family vacations have been!  When our daughter was going through her “horse phase”, we read Misty of Chincoteague, by Marguerite… Read More »

Tidbits for Parents – The Great Outdoors

Did you know that June was “Leave No Child Inside” month?  Now that summer has come, it is important for us as parents to recognize the need to get our children away from their technological “devices” and spend some time in the great outdoors. Extensive research from Richard Louv in his book Last Child in… Read More »

Distracted Parenting

As parents, are we too distracted?  Are we distracted while parenting? Below is an article with an interesting perspective about parenting and the distractions we face as adults and parents.

Ideas For Practicing Math Facts Effectively – Primary Grades

For some students, math is difficult.  For many students, math has become more difficult as local schools are transitioning to Common Core that emphasizes critical thinking and problem solving.  Though our focus is to complement your child’s school curriculum, we help students memorize math facts when appropriate.  Below are some strategies parents can do at… Read More »