Math Classes

Math sessions are 1 hour long, typically once a week.  The session is broken up into a 1/2 hour small group instruction and 1/2 hour computer session.

Small group session is taught by an instructor with a lesson for that day.  Group size has a maximum of 4 students but typically less than 3.  Students at similar levels are grouped together.

Advantages of a small group:

  • Socialization
  • Competition
  • Student can still ask questions

Once It Clicks Advantage

We utilize Study Island which is a web based instruction, practice, assessment and reporting program based on state and national standards.

Math drills are taught but we emphasize problem solving starting from the earliest ages.

Benefits for every type of learner:

  • High Achiever – Opportunity to be exposed to advanced topics.
  • Slightly above/slightly below – Reinforce understanding.  Resource to ask questions/clarification.
  • Learner – Review, explain, homework, review
  • Personal attention from experienced instructor

Our classes complement your child’s class curriculum.  Our program is designed to match state and Common Core standards.  Also, we are local so we know what local schools are teaching.

Clear and Simple Pricing

  • $20 per session paid 1 month in advance
  • $50 annual technology fee – program can be used at home.
  • $25 semi-annual materials fee