Private Math Tutoring

We offer private math tutoring in addition to our group tutoring program.  In private tutoring sessions, instructors will work one on one with a student and address topics that are being covered in class and homework.

If the student understands the material that was covered in class, instructors will try to introduce upcoming topics as well as review past topics so that students can gain a deeper understanding of the material.

Private Tutoring Goals:

  • Understand the math concept.
  • Improve problem solving skills and critical thinking.
  • Encourage arithmetic fundamentals to reduce arithmetic errors.
  • Explain the work in a neat and concise manner.  This is especially important with Common Core and as students advance to more difficult math subjects.
  • Understand math vocabulary.  This is important for deciphering math word problems and identifying what the question is asking.
  • Help students learn how to read a math textbook.
  • Teach efficient math effort.
  • Some times there is more than one way to solve a problem.  Our goal is help students learn how to solve a problem rather than memorizing a solution.

The following are some critical success factors in learning math:

  • Realistic goals based on the student’s level.
  • Partnership with parents to establish goals and assess progress.
  • Consistency, accountability, and effort from the student.
  • Regular feedback from instructors, students, and parents.

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